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It was the jelly doughnut heard around the world, or at least that’s what we’ve been told for decades.


Standing in Berlin, Germany, in 1963, US President John F. Kennedy notoriously said, “'Ich bin ein Berliner.” (I am a jelly doughnut)


And for many years, the question of historians and linguists has remained. Did the President communicate the sentiment he intended – that he was standing in solidarity with the people of Berlin? Or did he unintentionally refer to himself as a kind of sweet doughnut called a Berliner?


The debate continues, but for your business, the answer is clear as water.


Without the proven service of a professional translator – this is the kind of mistake that could come back on your translated documents!


TransBiz Media was born out of the necessity and demand for premium quality human translation services – for translated documents that say what they’re actually intended to say.
It seems like everyone’s a translator these days, if you look online.


But what’s really happening is that translation companies are relying more and more on computer translation software. (When the only thing you’re thinking about is your bottom line, and not the success of your clients and their businesses, I suppose it makes sense.)
Our company was started from scratch and built the old fashioned way using those quaint ideas like quality, integrity, and service of the caliber we expect from others.


From the get go, we’ve had a very strict policy of “no machines or software allowed”. Only true native speakers are used for each translation project.


At TransBiz Media, we employ a team of skilled linguists who not only provide translation services from one language to another, but who are proficient as native speakers and writers so they can proofread and edit the translation so it says exactly what it was intended to say.


This way, your documents say exactly what you intend and they don’t include a surprise jelly doughnut – or any other unintentional messages.


Click here to learn more about the TransBiz team and our unique approach to providing professional translation services for your business or personal needs.t


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