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About Us

Giving Words The Human Touch

With 25 years of experience in the translation services industry, we have a simple philosophy, embodied in our tagline: “Giving words the human touch.”
We will never use a program or machine to provide translation services. Period. It’s not how we built our business, and we would never dream of entrusting our clients’ important business, financial, medical, scientific and technical documents for translation to anything other than real people who speak and write the required languages flawlessly.
We are passionate about giving you a premium level of service, delivering your translated business documents efficiently and accurately.
It’s our goal to provide you with professionally translated documents that read as if they were created in the language into which we have translated them.
We’re a real company with real people in real offices all over the world. Our main headquarters are located in the beautiful and multi-cultured Miami, Florida, USA.

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