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It’s About Quality

When it comes to providing professional translation services for your business or personal translation needs, we have one goal: to be the best, most reliable translation service provider you can find.
To do this, we created the proprietary processes we use. We developed them from the ground up to ensure our ability to provide the highest quality in the most efficient time frame possible – and not sacrifice the values of either premium quality or efficient translation services to do so.
In developing our document translation services, we were able to continually evaluate and refine our processes to create the most efficient systems of workflow management and quality assurance.
After each document is translated, it is reviewed by one or two quality assurance specialists to ensure the finished product reads as if it were originally written in the language it has been translated into.
Of course, knowing that their work will be reviewed, our translators strive to create flawlessly translated documents the first time, ensuring that the review and revision process proceeds smoothly and quickly for the fastest turnaround time to our clients.

When It Comes to Translation, Accuracy is Essential

The process of translation requires a high level of attention to detail in order to ensure accuracy in the finished product. And this accuracy isn’t just about a literal word for word translation of the original document. It’s about understanding the nuances, context, and overall meaning of the document being translated.
For this reason, we created a very structured process through which a document goes from initial translation service order through to a completed document being delivered back to you the customer. Our process includes stages such as an initial review, assignment to the appropriate team based on language and field of expertise, translation, formatting, multiple stages of proof reading for overall accuracy and meaning, and delivery back to the customer. Through these stages, we ensure that the translated document you received back from us is translated so well that it’s as if it was originally created in the language into which we’ve translated it.

When speed is a must

Thanks to our geographical reach and ability to leverage such a broad pool of certified translators, you’ll never have to sacrifice speed for accuracy of your translated business documents. As a result of leveraging such a large business document translation team, we virtually have translation services ongoing twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

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