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Giving Words The Human Touch

We’ve yet to find a so called “automated translation” product that delivers even a fraction of the value provided by the more than 480 members who make up our core translation team, all professional, certified and accredited translators in their native languages, located worldwide.Should we need additional translators, we work with a network of approximately 9,500 professional and certified translators that covers every single region of the world.

How Our Translation Services Work

Each translation project is assigned to a Managing Director and a Project Manager.
The Managing Director is the direct liaison with the client – no more having to explain your project over and over to different people each time you contact us! You’ll always know exactly who you’re working with.
The Project Manager coordinates the linguists working on an individual project.  For you, this means you have the assurance of knowing that a specific group of individuals is working on your documents for translation. This is especially important for longer and more complex translation needs, or for business translation for the medical, legal, financial, scientific and technical industries.
Each piece of such a complex translation project needs to be understood within the context of the whole, and our team-based approach to translation services ensures this always happens seamlessly.
Our approach to providing professional translation services ensures the completion of each translation project within the assigned team, ensuring a smooth, cohesive process for both clients and translators.


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